Lincoln Road Mall restaurants to Visit after Shopping

Lincoln Road Mall Restaurants to Visit after Shopping

Shopping for things that you love or the ones you need always go with something to eat, especially if you are on the road filled with retail stores one after another. If you are going to spend an entire day shopping for the things you need, your day will never be complete without food. Food is necessary in order for the brain to function normally and stabilize your mood while looking from one shop to another. You need to keep your energy always up by filling food from restaurants or cafes that you find along the way while shopping. Such places can be found down the Lincoln Road Mall, a place filled with various shopping malls coupled with cafes and restaurants of different cuisine.

The Lincoln Road Mall restaurants and cafes you will see in Lincoln Road Mall is not limited to the local’s favorite. There are a variety of good foods where its cuisines are specialties are from other places like pizzas that are made from Italy’s authentic recipes or if you want Chinese cuisine you can see it down the Lincoln Road as well. Below are some of the best restaurants that you will be able to enjoy while shopping at Lincoln Road:

  • If you want something locally made yet has a touch of a European cuisine then Balans Restaurant is the place for you. It has tables situated at sidewalks where the hip and trendy meet up. These tables are shaded to protect customers from the heat of the sun or when it rains. Other American based restaurant are Shake Shack, Nexxt Cafe and 5 Napkin Burger.
  • If you want something peaceful where you get to enjoy the books that you bought from the same store then Books & Books cafe is the place for you. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner located in 927 Lincoln Road. Other casual restaurants for peace loving customers are Serendipity 3 and Icebox Cafe.
  • For Cuban type of food there is the Yuca Restaurant, Havana 1957 and Abuela’s Kitchen.
  • There is only one French restaurant here which is the Crepes Etc located at 1120 Lincoln Road.
  • For German type it is the Hofbrau Munchen situated at 943 Lincoln Road.
  • There are a number of Italian restaurants in Lincoln Road Mall. To name a few there is the Cantinetta, Dal Toro, Locanda Sibilla, Rosinella, Segafredo Espresso, Soprano Cafe, Sosta, Spris and TiramesU.
  • Specialty restaurants are a must if you want something different from what you can see with a traditional restaurant. The ones you will see in Lincoln Road are Haven Gastro Lounge, Nespresso, Paul’s Bakery, Starbucks Coffee and Tasti D-Lite.

Since there are so many restaurants to choose from you will never go hungry when you plan on shopping down the Lincoln Road Mall. A bit of advice before venturing this great place: plan ahead to avoid wasting time choosing where to eat.


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