Lincoln Road Mall – For Locals & Tourists

Miami Beach is known for two things: shopping and the beach.  Those who love to shop know that the trendy shops are all located in the Lincoln Road Mall.  This pedestrian mall is loaded with plenty of the finest boutiques and small eateries that attract not only locals but also those who are visiting from out of town.  It is an enormous mall; navigating it and still managing to keep your sanity can be a task in and of itself.  This is why there is the new Lincoln Road Mall App.

There are a variety of restaurants in the Lincoln Road Mall, and there are a few that are specific to the locals. This does not mean you cannot find something you love.

The cuisine is just as diverse and delicious as Miami Beach itself.  One can find an authentic white pizza from a small Italian bistro or the classic Cuban sandwich from one of the many Cuban style eateries.  In fact, you can try any of these fine establishments:

  • Balans – European cuisine meets the modern flair of Miami Beach.  Sit on the sidewalk and watch the beautiful people go by.  There are umbrellas available to shade customers from the sun or the rain.
  • Books & Books Café – Food and books.  Many cannot find a better match, and it is there in Miami Beach.  Find all three daily meals available.
  • Cuban – There are two: Yuca Restaurant and Abuela’s Kitchen.  Authentic Cuban food.
  • Much, much more.

This is only a small percentage of the restaurants available.  Those who are planning on eating should use the app to plan ahead.
Of course, food is only a part of the experience.  The stores are the real reason for visiting Lincoln Road Mall, but the app can certainly help you find the perfect stores for your visit. Consider:

  • Clothing – This runs the gambit.  There are more clothing shops than anything else in the mall, but the app will have all of the necessary details including location;
  • Shoes – Aldo, Soulier, Camper and others;
  • Books – Books & Books, Taschen Books;
  • Jewelry – Babalu Miami, Claudia N, Goldtime, Mayor’s, Swatch International, Teno, Vault;
  • And a host of specialty stores as well.

Best of all, the Lincoln Road Mall app will cover all of this for you.

Lincoln Road Mall Guide

The Lincoln Road Mall Mobile App puts a personal assistant in the palm of your hands. Get detailed listings and maps for retail stores, restaurants, bars and clubs, banks, hotels, and entertainment options. Our new App will further enhance your Lincoln Road Mall experience by providing store information and how to get around. It includes:

- Complete store listing
- Dining guide
- Entertainment and leisure options
- Parking information
- and much more!

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