Lincoln Road Mall History

Lincoln Road Mall: An Inside Look at Lincoln  Road  Mall

Locals and tourists alike say that Lincoln Road Mall is pretty much the only show in town if you’re visiting South Beach in Miami. Since it’s inception, Lincoln Road Mall has served as a social center for the city of Miami Beach.

Lincoln Road is an 8-block stretch pedestrian walkway, filled with shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes all in the art deco and Mediterranean styles found throughout South Beach. The streets are also lined with fabulous botanical plantings and water gardens.

And this is what Carl Fisher, known as the founding father of Miami Beach had envisioned all along. Fisher is the man that made South Beach famous; he managed to turn a swamp into a high-end, swanky piece of real estate. Lincoln Road was laid out in the 1920s by Fisher and was known back then as the “Fifth Avenue of the South.

“Lincoln Rd. Mall” The road named after Abraham Lincoln, has experienced cycles of boom and bust over the years. In the 1930s, Lincoln Road  Mall was like Rodeo Drive. Outside of New York City, Lincoln Road Mall was “the place to be” for fashion insiders.

Lincoln Road Mall Miami Beach Guide

Lincoln Road Mall Miami Beach Guide

After World War II, South Beach was faced with the same economic decline menacing the rest of the nation. In an effort to revitalize the area, in the late 1950s, the city of Miami Beach asked architect Morris Lapidus to redesign the strip and convert Lincoln Road Mall into a pedestrian walkway.

Over the years, Lincoln Road Mall has continued to live up to Fisher’s expectations and remained an epicenter for fashion and architecture. In 2010, two innovative buildings were built adjacent to Lincoln Road Mall. The first building is the Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony campus and park and the second installation is the 1111 Lincoln Road garage by the famed Swiss design firm of Herzog and De Mueron. These installations further enhance the architectural interest of Lincoln Road Mall.

Not bad for a road that’s almost 100 years old Miami Lincoln Mall.

Lincoln Road Mall Guide

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